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Solid Wood Flat Panel Doors - Pricing

     We have attempted in the past to post pricing for all of our solid wood doors. But due to the hundreds of combinations of door sizes, styles and wood species that we have available it was impossible to keep everything up to date. Our solid wood doors are very competitively priced and are the highest quality available on the web.

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We will need the following information in order to give you a quote:

-door style number
-wood species
-door width (ie.:24", 30", 32")
-door height (80", 84", 96" or other)
-door thickness (1-3/8" or 1-3/4")
-jamb wood species (matching hardwood or paint grade)
-jamb width (4-5/8", 6-5/8" or other)
-hinge color (ie.: bright brass, oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, etc.)
-approximate total number of doors needed
-zip code for shipping
-lead time requested


Solid Wood Flat Panel Doors
Typical Cross Sections

Standard style  for 1-3/8" thick doors

Standard style  for 1-3/4" thick doors




Solid Wood Flat Panel Doors
Typical Wood Species

Alder (Superior)
Alder (Knotty)
Beech (American)
Birch (Natural)
Birch (Select White)
Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba)
Cherry (American)
Cherry (American Quartersawn)
Chestnut (Wormy)
Cypress (Rustic)
Fir (Douglas Vertical Grain)
Fir (Douglas Plain Sawn)
Hickory (Rustic)
Mahogany (African)
Mahogany (Genuine)
Mahogany (Sapele)
Mahogany (Utile)
Maple (Hard)
Maple (Soft)
Maple (Oregon)
Maple (Curly)
Maple (Rustic)
Oak (Plain Sawn Red)
Oak (Quartersawn Red)
Oak (Rift sawn Red)
Oak (Plain Sawn White)
Oak (Quartersawn White)
Oak (Rift Sawn White)
Pine (Eastern White)
Pine (Reclaimed Heart)
Pine (Radiatta)
Pine (Knotty Eastern White)
Pine (Yellow)
Poplar (Stain Grade)
Poplar (Paint Grade)
Poplar with MDF Panels (Paint Grade)
Sycamore (Quartersawn)
Walnut (American)
Walnut (South American)

Installation instructions

All jambs and stops are shipped knocked down. It should take no more than 5 minutes per door to put them back into a "prehung" condition. It is recommended that the final paint or varnish be applied before the doors and jambs are assembled. It is also recommended that the jambs are installed to the studs using wood screws countersunk behind the door stop. After the doors and jambs are installed in the opening it is recommended that your locksets are installed before fastening the door stops to the jambs. Allow a credit card width between the door and the stop on the hinge side. Latch the door and then install the lock side stop tight to the door. Install the head stop last. You can also purchase our "Jambmaster" which will make door hanging so easy that your accountant could do it.