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Craftsman Doors and Mission Doors

Solid Core Veneered
Flat Panel Doors

W-Series have 1/2" thick flat panels

C-Series have 3/8" thick flat panels

You want quality but price is also important. Veneer lets you put a distinctive face atop cost effective materials such as particle board or mdf. Not only are solid core veneer doors usually more economical than solid wood doors but they also make better use of our forest resources. Our veneer doors have the same fine hardwood exteriors as our solid wood doors. They actually weigh in at about 10% more than our solid wood doors. Another advantage to using veneer doors is panel expansion and shrinkage is about 50% less than with a solid wood panel.

You can really go "green" and use our wheat core C-Series doors. The substrate on these doors is 100% formaldehyde free and made from wheat straw which is a bi- product of wheat. The same beautiful hardwood veneers are also used in these doors. Pricing is 10% above standard. These doors will also meet the new 2009 California CARB Codes (California Air Resource Board).

Available wood species include Alder, Knotty Alder, Ash, Beech, Birch, Cherry, Fir, Mahogany, Maple, Pine, Knotty Pine, Poplar, Primed MDF, Red Oak, Quartersawn Red Oak, White Oak and Walnut. Follow this blog on wood doors to learn more about the difference between veneer doors and solid wood doors.

Traditional 1-Panel Interior Door (in Maple wood)    Traditional 1-Panel Interior Door (Primed)
Traditional 1 panel
Flat Panels
in stock

Traditional 2-Panel Interior Door (in Alder wood)    Traditional 2-Panel Interior Door (Primed)
Traditional 2 panel
Flat Panels
in stock
Poplar and Red Oak

Traditional 3-Panel Interior Door (in Birch wood)   Traditional 3-Panel Interior Door (Primed)
Traditional 3 panel
Flat Panels
in stock
Poplar, Red Oak, Knotty Alder

Traditional 4-Panel Interior Door (in Cherry wood)    Traditional 4-Panel Interior Door (Primed)
Traditional 4 panel
Flat Panels



Vertical 2-Panel Interior Door (in Poplar wood)    Vertical 2-Panel Interior Door (Primed)
Vertical 2 panel
Flat Panels

Contemporary 4-Panel Interior Door (in Poplar wood)     Contemporary 4-Panel Interior Door (Primed)
Contemporary 4 panel
Flat Panels

Traditional 5-Panel Interior Door (in Birch wood)    Traditional 5-Panel Interior Door (Primed)
Traditional 5 panel
Flat Panels


Traditonal 6-Panel Interior Door (in Maple wood)
Traditional 6 panel
Flat Panels



Reverse 2-Panel Interior Door (in Cherry wood)    Reverse 2-Panel Interior Door (Primed)
Reverse 2 panel
Flat Panels

Contemporary 3-Panel Interior Door (in Red Oak wood)   Contemporary 3-Panel Interior Door (Primed)
Contemporary 3 panel
Flat Panels
in stock

Reverse 3-Panel Interior Door (in Poplar wood)    Reverse 3-Panel Interior Door (Primed)
Reverse 3 panel
Flat Panels

Contemporary 6-Panel Interior Door (in Poplar wood)
Contemp 6 panel
Flat Panels


Horizontal 5-Panel Interior Door (in Red Oak wood)   Horizontal 5-Panel Interior Door (Primed)
Horizontal 5 panel
Flat Panels

Eyebrow 4-Panel Interior Door (in Alder wood)
Eyebrow 4 panel
Flat Panels

Arched 2-Panel Interior Door (in Cherry Wood)
Arched 2 panel
Flat Panels

Classic 2-Panel Interior Door (in Red Oak wood)
Classic 2 panel
Flat Panels


Arched 4-Panel Interior Door (in Red Oak wood)
Arched 4 panel
Flat Panels

French 1-Lite Interior Door (in Red Oak wood)
Full view

#FV = clear flat glass

15-Lite French Interior Door (in Cherry wood)
French Divided Light

#FF = clear flat glass
in stock in Pine, Poplar and Red Oak

#FB = clear beveled glass

9-Lite French Interior Door (in Red Oak wood)
French Prairie Style

#FFPS = clear flat glass
in stock Red Oak

#FBPS = clear beveled glass

Choose between either the Mission or Craftsman sticking designs
for the W-Series flat panel doors:


W-Series Mission Doors
 M  Mission  Sticking

W-Series Craftsman Doors 
F Contoured Ogee Sticking

Cross section for Woodport Series glass doors

Cross section for W- Series glass doors

The following interior door styles are also available
in our C-Series veneer interior doors:
C-Series SL-10C-Series SL-20C-Series SL-21C-Series SL-22
C-Series SL-30 C-Series SL-31C-Series SL-32C-Series SL-33
C-Series SL-34C-Series SL-35 C-Series SL-36C-Series SL-37
C-Series SL-40C-Series SL-42C-Series SL-43 C-Series SL-44
C-Series SL-45C-Series SL-40C-Series SL-50C-Series SL-52
C-Series SL-60C-Series SL-61C-Series SL-62C-Series SL-63

C-Series SL-66 C-Series SL-67C-Series SL-70C-Series SL-89

C-Series Standard #8866 sticking with 3/8" flat panel
C-Series Standard #8866 sticking with 3/8 flat panel

C-Series Shaker  #8315 sticking with 3/8" flat panel
C-Series Shaker#8315 sticking with 3/8 flat panel

C-Series Mission #8943 sticking with 3/8" flat panel
C-Series Mission #8943 sticking with 3/8 flat panel

Fine hardwood veneers are used to make these beautiful solid core craftsman doors. These flat panel doors are sometimes called shaker doors, mission doors or arts and crafts doors. The American Craftsman Style, or the American Arts and Crafts Movement, is an American domestic architectural, interior design, and decorative arts style popular from the last years of the 19th century through the early years of the 20th century. As a design movement, its popularity remained strong until the 1930s, although in the decorative arts it continues to experience numerous revivals until the present day. Our wood veneer doors have a veneer thickness of 1/16" thick or less applied to a composite core with matching hardwood edges.


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