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     The Jambmaster is a brand new innovation that makes installing prehung doors so easy that
your accountant could do it! The Jambmaster will allow you to professionally install a pre-hung door with
ultimate precision, accuracy and consistency in less than 7 minutes.
     Anyone who has ever installed a door will tell you that the most difficult part of the job is shimming
the jamb properly. This tool actually gives you the ability to install the door shims perfectly before you
ever put the door jamb into the rough opening. Sound impossible? Just watch the video.

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     In addition to the Jambmaster, you will also need a router, a 3/4" to 7/8" straight cutting router bit, a router
guide bushing with locknut, possibly a router adapter base to accommodate the router guide template,
a hot glue gun and hot glue sticks to complete the job.


     The Jambmaster works on single doors and double doors from 18" to 72" wide, 80" to 96" tall and will
accommodate jamb widths from 3" to 8". It also works with flat jambs, rabbetted jambs or split jambs of any
thickness, as well as cased openings, bifold and bypass door jambs.


To purchase router, hot glue gun and accessories that you will need please follow these links:

Improve your quality and substantially reduce your labor costs by using our furniture quality prefinishing

and perfect miter casing split jamb system (only works with a Jambmaster).