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Lyptus Doors


Lyptus is a brand name used by Weyerhaeuser Forest Products to market the sustainable eucalyptus tree plantations in the Brazilian rain forest. In a joint venture with Aracruz, Weyerhaeuser is the only company in the United States marketing Lyptus lumber and flooring. Since 1967, Aracruz has planted more than 7 million seedlings of eucalyptus and other native species indigenous to the region of the Amazon rain forest area. Aracruz is included in the select rank of companies on the New York stock exchange's Dow Jones Sustainability Index, DJSI that highlights the best corporate sustainability practices in the world. Eucalyptus trees grow quickly and can be harvested within 14-16 years of planting. Lyptus forests are 10 times more productive per acre when compared to temperate forests which may take 80 to 100 years to mature. Lyptus forests also produce 30 times the volume of lumber per acre when compared to an unmanaged temperate forest. Over 25% of the plantation areas are managed as permanent native forests where sensitive slopes and areas near water are maintained in natural habitat.


Lyptus is a beautiful wood when finished natural as shown in the door photos below. It also takes a wide range of stains (see stain samples below) to complement nearly every decor. Lyptus is well known as a more economical and sustainable replacement to mahogany but can also be finished to look like other fine hardwoods such as walnut or cherry.

Eucalyptus globulus

Botanical name: Eucalyptus globulus 

Follow this link to view all varieties of  eucalyptus known in the world and their scientific names.

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